We were founded to make the law accessible and involve our clients in the outcome of their case.

We were founded to make the law accessible and involve our clients in the outcome of their case.

Continuing a legacy

The story of who we are, where we came from and where we're going

Our composite of diverse talents and backgrounds make us an effective legal team striving to achieve optimum results and unparalleled service for our clients.

Our Firm fosters an inclusive work environment based on mutual respect, support, and open communication. We encourage initiative, creativity, professionalism, and legal scholarship enabling exceptional service. Meaningful collaboration, including the client’s perspective, is an integral part of the Firm’s vision, strategy, and tradition of success.

Diverse, inclusive, innovative

To embrace new people and new technologies in making the practice of law work for real people in the real world.

I felt the practice of law needed to be more democratic, we see lawyers all too often force the client into a situation, when actually they should be including them and making them comfortable with decisions in their case. Not just communicating with them, but actually including them.

Proven results

We specialize in practice areas across a broad spectrum of insurance law -- with a focus on employment, construction law and litigation.

A picture speaks a thousand words

Here at Zupkus & Angell, we believe the adage “a picture is worth a thousand words." This certainly rings true in the practice of law, whether before a mediator, arbiter, judge or jury.

Those who tell stories rule the world.

Ancient Hopi proverb

Studies show that jurors remember as little as 15% of what they hear but as much as 85-90% of what they see. The power of an attorney’s advocacy and storytelling is significantly enhanced by the incorporation of selective visual demonstrative exhibits. The sophistication of the exhibits will vary with each case, ranging from simple blow-ups of photographs to more detailed image references.

With our head in the Cloud...

We often work remotely -- untethered to the office because we use technology efficiently. Technology allows us to provide our clients with responsiveness and reliability. We use the latest collaboration tools to keep our clients aware of the progress of their case and to ensure all documents are digitally and securely stored to make for efficient service.

Got a question?

From common questions about law and procedure, to more specific answers for your particular sector, our specialist staff has all the answers you need, and more. Find out what it’s like to actually work with us during your case and the steps we take to ensure you are involved every step of the way.

Our origin story

Our mission to include diverse people and our clients in how we practice

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