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The better we can leverage the technology available to us, the freer we are to focus on our clients.
Parker Ramey

Parker Ramey

Firm Administrator


Years ago, coming to Z&A with no legal-industry-specific experience uniquely positioned me to tackle the administrative challenges of law practice with a disruptor's eye for efficiency. With the skill set to take established systems apart and see how to improve them, I have the daily opportunity to push the technological envelope of what a boutique law firm is capable of.

Fifteen years in the Denver restaurant industry taught me to quickly develop outside-the-box solutions to a wide range of challenges. I learned how to anticipate the needs of customers and how to train my team to do so as well. Even today, I often communicate with my team in restaurant metaphors. Our clients are the guests that join our table; we are here to make sure that they have everything they need and that they leave our restaurant happy and fulfilled.


Where I Studied

While I went to school for visual art and theatre, it was the restaurant industry that fueled my first career and my passions for many years. I spent fifteen years serving, bartending and managing some of the best restaurants in Denver. In these kitchens and dining rooms, I learned the value of outstanding customer service, quality product, and efficient, effective procedures and workflows.

Global Experience

Where I’ve Been

As a Denver native, I grew up watching Denver transform from its bohemian and cow-town roots into the vibrant urban center it is today. While I went to school in Texas and spent some time in Northern California, Denver has always been home, and I'm proud that Z&A is based in such a beautiful and exciting place.

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